Galileo Project Hunts for Signals from Exoplanet Technology

A NEW project to hunt for alien signals originating from exoplanets has been launched by an international team of researchers.

The Galileo Project will hunt for alien life by looking for the signatures that may have been left behind by advanced technology.

The study, which is based out of Harvard University in the US, is being led by Professor Avi Loeb, who controversially claimed the Oumuanmua object (pictured) which arrived in our solar system from interstellar space was an alien spaceship.

Prof Loeb told Sky News that the team will look for evidence of alien tech using astronomical survey data and telescope observations.

They’ll also employ advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to look for interstellar objects that could in fact be made by an intelligent civilisation.

The project’s official webpage states: “Given the recently discovered abundance of Earth-Sun systems, the Galileo Project is dedicated to the proposition that humans can no longer ignore the possible existence of Extraterrestrial Technological Civilizations (ETCs), and that science should not dogmatically reject potential extraterrestrial explanations because of social stigma or cultural preferences, factors which are not conducive to the scientific method of unbiased, empirical inquiry.

“We now must ‘dare to look through new telescopes’, both literally and figuratively.”

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